Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Pizzicato 5 and The Little Prince


I love this song! Haha, makes me wanna dance yet again. Haha! (oo na Jami! get ko na!)

This song brings back wild memories of my grade school life and I could never be happier. Haha, yes, I know its in Japanese but I don't care, its such a fun, youthful and very ecstatic song! Something I would never, ever, ever, ever wanna remove from my system! Eve if I'm in my 80's I'll still be dancing to this. I am in love with the song!

Why am I so ecstatic? Well, I jsut got reminded of my youth that's all, not that I'm already THAT old or old enough to do so, but people, revently, grow up faster than that is natural or required to them. Its sad, but its a fact. Why I reached this thought? Thanks again to the Little Prince's grown-ups and mine as well.

I was sitting in the car durig our trip home from Tagaytay and they were talking about how young they were before now they're turning 48, 45, and goes on the years. One thing I noticed, is that, even them, they admit to doing things they scold and lecture us on now. They make it sound so fun, as how we see it now, but when they lecture us, they make us feel like its a sin. Everything changes as we grow older. Everything becomes more complicated, everything becomes a 'matter of consequence' and everything becomes everything else.

Yes, they have a point, the things we do, we might regret them in our 30's or 40's but right now, I'm not regretting anything. I'm young, youthful and I'm NOT IN MY 30's! I'll regret them in your time, but I'll censure them in mine. I'll make sense out of it later, I'll do nonesense now. That's how my life is, don't make me have meaning from it now.


My life does havea meaning: my meaning, my definition.

Everything Deserves a Toast!

I'll toast to the sunset, it makes me feel life.
I'll toast to the bees, they make me feel pain.
I'll toast to the stars, they make me feel God.
I'll toast to the trees, they show me beauty.
I'll toast to the birds, they are my freedom.
I'll toast to the open road, it reminds me of my future.
I'll toast to my hair, its my crowning glory!
I'll toast to my body, its my cozy blanket.
I'll toast to my friends, who have not forgotten their childhood.
I'll toast to you, who find sense in my ramblings.
I'll toast to you once more, who deserve to live freely

Life is a road travelled in different cars, but I'm riding my bike. The sights are too beautiful to pass up, and whenever I need to, I could always stop and smell the roses, without opening any complicated doors.

Kim zzz...7:27 AM

slip into the night...

He Says, She Says

Lights will guide me home... I'm alright... I'll fix you...

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