Monday, October 16, 2006
Ooh, after so long?

Oh my, hahaha.

I haven't been going here for a while. It seems like blogging is just so boring nowadays for me. Not that I dont have much to write down, its just that, you know, it gets dragging. Haha.

Okay, quick update of my life...ready? game.

1) I was appointed LA Chairperson of the LA Core of FAST 2006. (thanks Anne and Al)
2) I got a driver's licence(SP?) (yeah!)
3) I was almost DL. Like 0.something close. huhuhu!
4) I became president of our PE class. (Boo-hoo for me huh? Ronda takes too too too much pride)
5) I'm now using a new laptop. oh yeay!
6) Our FAST2006 had out BSB launch last Friday and it was such a success! It's so great!

Hahaha, these people are just so great! Krizzie did a good job and the performances were just hilarious! (Thanks na lang Al diba? hahaha!)

Well, I dont know what else to put down here. I'll think about the rest if I can make this longer. hahaha.

See you guys!


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