Thursday, October 26, 2006
Madonna, Wi-Fi and WWE

Hm, so here we are.

I have to much to post but I don't know where to start. Okay.. requests first...

I went to the WWE SMACKDOWN SURVIVOR SERIES TOUR! Hahahaha! My blog so feminine, the writer? Not too feminine. Hahaha.

It was so great to watch! Shoot! I got to see and EXPERIENCE the UNDERTAKER!! I love it! I just love it!

I don't know how to give a blow by blow account but Ill try.

Mr. Kennedy went out in his usual pompous way and started bagging on Pacquiao (Pakeeyaw as he would say it. haha) and every Filipino was like 'Boo!' and after that the Undertaker went out and started kicking his ass! Yo!

At some point, Chavo Guererro went out and whenever he would move, people would shout 'Eddie, Eddie!'

(Oops, I need to go shopping! Will edit this post when I get back! Toodles!)

**Added post**

So that was my WWE experience. (I'm not good with blow by blows)

Next one!

Now, Wi-Fi. Hmm, well. Dad installed this wireless router in our house and now every where is a hot spot. Well, every where in our house that is. Haha. Makes it fun really, and at DSL speed too. Hihi, I love my laptop. :P



I found myself totally bored the other day and nothing to download from Limewire. (All thanks to my two great guitar playing buddies who gave me undecent advice. Huhu!)

I really couldn't find anything that was suitable for my mood. John Mayer was getting too much of kudos from me. I just had to knock him out, and The Killers was the perfect answer.

Well, nothing to pure to say here. Nothing as deep as the other entries. All I have are random ramblings here. Maybe next time I'll have a real entry, but, till then?


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