Saturday, July 01, 2006
Stevie Nicks and Feeltewood Mac

Well, weekeend is here again and I think I'll be kicking it off right this Saturday: we're going to Eastwood to go to the Derma and watch Superman Returns, though, yes, I think the movie will suck even if I am a Superman fan, the actor playing Superman is a friggin' B-rate one. Even from the trailers I can tell he won't do much justice to the Rad-caped Wonder that is Superman. The only actor am waiting for there is Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. Now that's great acting, though I think he did the role a bit too manical I still think he brought out the Lex Luthor we all know and love. Okay, now updates on my life.

This week's school went by a bit too fast. Haha, it's getting old tht fast already? Oh well. Things are still going well anyway. The schooling is still normal and the hanging outs are still great. :P Yeah, we always hang out at La Casita and chill out there with the expensice food but we still get to have our fun. Lawr never lets a dull moment pass by with his jokes and silly criticisms. Yes! It's official! I have met my ultimate 'alaskador' match! Never though I'd see the day! I love you pare!

Okay, here would be a great place to put a funny anecdote.

Like Myk-Mark's experience with the Chinese writing reading on his shirt courtesy of our very much Chinese blockmates I went through the same thing. Not with my blockmates though. You see, I'm fond of those pants with the Korean writings written all over it which I have lerned to always just use at home. Why? Here's the skinny.

One day I was walking around the village wearing those pantswhen suddenly a group of Koreans sat near me and started laughing after they stared at my pants. I don't know if it were my fat legs that made them laugh or someone mixed in something wrong in their Kimchi but it was very embarassing. I asked my friend who was with me while they were laughing and good enough she knew one of them named David, or some Soo yong blah blah Chi that I didn't bother finding out, David was a good enough name for me. She went up to him and asked why they were laughing and David tried to muster up enough English that he can and said that my pants were saying something funny and wrong in grammar. How the heck was I supposed to know that? It's not really funny but I found it ratehr irritating and embarassing, but oh well. Whatever rocks their socks right? Hmph, let's see one day they go walking around earing a shirt that says 'Bobo Ako' or something with more profanity than I said that day. Geez!

Okay, quotable quote?
'Dad drive tayo.'
-we get on the car and I start to drive-
'Ang bilis mo anak.'
'Dad, 50 lang yan.'
'Kahit na, mabilis pa din. Baka mahuli tayo, wag kang bastos sa ibang drivers.'
'Okay dad.'
-I slow down and a taxi rushes past by us-
'G*go yun ah!'
'Dad, easy lang.'
'Anak! Habulin mo! Dali, habulin mo!'
-I step on the gas-
'Anak! singkwenta (50) lang takbo mo! Di mo aabutan yun! Bilisan mo!'

Exactly. I think the whole conversation speaks for itself.
Note:He forgot that I don't have my liscence(SP?) yet.

'Anak!Wala ka pang lisensya! Bagalan mo.'

Kim zzz...3:41 PM

slip into the night...

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