Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well, what can I say? The weekend has been a blast. Well...I think.

Me and my friends (Gise and Steph ; SAGAD sans MAC) went to Eastwood to watch Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. It was great. THe cinematics were agin so up to par and the story line was very catchy. Johnny Depp's eccentric comedy has gotten to me yet again.

Okay. enough of the movie. All I can say about that is stay up until the credits end because there is a part after it that they'll show. Its from the next movie.:P

Speaking fo staying. We stayed until the thing ended and only we were left and a couple. The people behind and in front of us wanted to stay because they could hear me say to stay. I even gave out the ending to X-men:Last Stand after the credtis and they were like 'Let's stay.'

It was hilarious. Some of them even stayed by the side just to see, but alas, we wre the only ones strong enough to stay. haha. We got to hear the whole soundtrack of the movie and Steph got prompted to buy one. Its useless I think, we already heard the whole thing.

Well, I'm not very in the articulate mood right now. Nothing funny to say. Jsut funny things to remember.

Quotable Quote:
'Wow! Disney's been working out!' (me to the new castle of Disney.)

Guess what?! Disney has a new castle! It's not that little shawowy silhouette (SP?) anymore. :P its this Muy macho castle. Haha. I couldn't stop laughing. :P

Well, what else happened. Oh yeah. We played at Powerstation and we used my VIP card. (Yeah, VIP at an arcade. Im a fucking geek.) And in a day we got to collect 101 tickets. Steph wanted it so she can like, you know, start off.:P

Ang babaw namin. It was like good clean non-college fun. HAha, nakakamiss actually.

Too bad MAC wasn't there, but we always saved her a seat sa Seattle's Best. Never forget Baby Bear.:P

I love you Badoodles! Always take care of yourself alright. We are always here for you! MWAH!

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