Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Damn, I only get to update this whenever Tuesday comes around, maybe it's because its my 1 o'clock school day with only two effing classes. Grr. Okay.

Yesterday, we went to Krizzie's for our dance practice, (by the way, I won't be able to go today. Damn.) and things went pretty well naman. We got to choreograph na some parts of the song, actually, madami na, I said some kasi may mga counts na wala pa, but we have ideas na. (go boys!)

It was so fun. Lawr is a funky dancer, I didn't know that. Haha, go Lawr! Si Arik naman, Sweetie, quiet lang sa isang corner! hehe, actually, not quiet, making fun of me is more like it! Grr! Bad Abu!

I will Survive and Which Backstreet Boy is gay will be, I think, the most benta parts of the show. Haha! Ang funky nung steps its amazing! :P

Dami pa lang dancers sa block namin eh! Super talented ng mga tao!:P

Okay, how about I add a new feature to this funky format? How about a quote marker? Yeah, that'll be okay.

"Finally! An Emo chick that can dance!"
- quoted from Al, LC 20 Block Presz!

Okay, that was so much of a first for me. Haha, I know I'm into music but do I really look so much of an Emo? Makes me wanna think: should I go for a wardrobe change or is my 'Expression Through Fashion' stint too much? ah, what the heck, it's college. Represent!

Emo...Haha, that's a new word in my 'Describe Me' list. Hehe, Thanks Al!

Okay, next format...

'Should I go German?'
'Yes!' 'Of course!' 'You can count on it!' (I asked the effing ball 3 times)

Okay, I think I shouldn't leave my fate in a ball's, err, hands?

Okay, I was the first moron anyway, asking a ball that question. I know you guys are pretty much thinking what going German means, but I won't tell you. :P Explicit NC-16 content. :P Haha, just kidding. Wait, no I'm not. :P

It's been a thought in my head and with recent events that have been going by I think I won't. For both practical AND common sense reasons. I don't want to get on that plane. Not now. Not with that kind of flying buddy. I need goody bag.

Some things aren't going well with my life. I'm going through that stage again wherein I'm unsure of the choices I've made.

You see, in everything, I have like a border line on which I put all my decisions to the test. Test meaning I have a certain time frame for them and ,unconcsiously, I try things out and if they don't work out, then I'm sorry, I have to cut it off. I don't know but my body does that a lot. It works with my mind and tells me to stop something, but, being stupid as I am, I don't follow it. Soemtimes it gets worst and sometimes it gets better. My common sense just fails me. IBM is so useless for me.

Well, I've decided not to go to 'Germany' because I'm not ready yet and my riding buddy is an emotionally unstable wreck. Shit. It's always the tip of the iceburg before anyting 'sure' happens. Hide it to lure it in, huh?

Damn my sympathy and pity. Damn it all. Haha, shit man, this is so bad. I'm so caught up in something I didn't even think I will be caught up in. So much for look before you leap. Then again, I never even really bothered to look at mostly everything I do. Where's the excitement in that bull huh? yeah, my thirst for excitement. Shit.

In this case, age has nothing to do with a level of maturity of a person. It just doesn't. People need to think twice nowadays and understand the people around them. I have problems, you have problems, we all have problems. How big it is depends on how you make it. Crying about it won't do you any good. It's okay to let it out but to dwell in it and make it circle your life is no good. Makes you emotionally unstable. A little worse for wear.

Well, at least now, I'm decided on what I should do. It's just that I don't know how to do it. Fuck.

Okay, I've said too much profanity it burns. :P

What's are the key words for today? Understanding. Thinking. thinking TWICE. Emotionally Unstable. Mother Fucker.

I hate it, everything just sucks when I pick up that line to call up the airport. How about a break huh?

I'll get through this, I have to right?

Hey, that entry jsut made me look all depressed and bad. I'm not, I'm okay. :P

I'm doing quite well actually. I just need this time for myself to rant on. :P Haha, but in general, my life is going great.

Kim zzz...7:52 AM

slip into the night...

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