Tuesday, May 30, 2006
First Ever in a Long Almost Forever

Looks like I've been gone for quite a while. Haha, my blogs are always this neglected, ain't that a bad thing?

Well, for a few updates on my life...

1) School started for me already, last May 22 pa actually and my La Salle life is going better than I ever thought. Well, not to that extent yet but its coming along and I like it that way.

2) I have new friends from my block, but yeah, there is this air of everyone can be your friend, you still have to think, there are some people that you can't get along with. Call it female all girl schoolness feeling! Hmm, maybe that's the reason why there are only 2 girls (counting me) and 3 boys in my 'group'. Not htat we are an official barkada but they are my hangout and U-Break buddies! Love you Lawr, Abu (hehe, Arik. Sweetie!) and Myk-Mark (And yes, I ditched the lonely bullfrog but I can't help but feel bad for the person, but who can blame me? He freaked me out! Todo!)

3) I have a list of Orgs to join: GMG (Green Media Group), Harlequin Guils (still choosing if Prod or Presentor), LSDC Street (Hey, I love to dance too!) Pero I am so sure na I will join an Athletic League to be a varsity member, if I can, and also join SANTUGON Political Party. (Yeah, Lawr did a very good job in talking me into it.)

4) I got voted as the Class Secretary. I am very much flattered and honored and surprised that happened. I mean, I'm not one of the more popular or kulit people in the block like Al, Jamie and Krizzy but I was still voted. Funky, I know. Well, all thanks to JY. Hehe.:P Pero snap! My handwriting? Secretary? Those two just don't match!

5) Miss ko na SAGAD!!! AKALA KO BA EVERY SATURDAY OF OUR LIVES TAYO?!?! Dudes, c'mon! Meet up naman tyo. I miss you gays!! And Macreese, I still have your belt.

Well, as you can see, its just the normal college thing for me and I don't know if its the good way or the bad way, but its okay. I'm learning. Sabi nga naman ng friend ko ,'First term is always for preparation.' and I agree with him truthfully and all the way.:P

Well, that's it. Maybe no random ramblings up to date, Nothing else I can do now actually. Nothing to ask my 8-Ball. Well, there is but it's a question I think an 8-ball can't answer and should not be posted here... It's way too personal and if a certain person found out what it was the consequences of it may be something I wouldn't want to find out what. I want to keep to myself what I learned from my parents, but somehow, my body, my brain and my heart have all different things to say and I'm not sure how to deal with it...

Someone help me...

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