Saturday, April 01, 2006
This is a vegetable!

This is a veggitable.

I don't think I'll be able to keep up with the basic format of my blog, you know, the asking of the eigh-ball then shaking, then the constant writing down of what it meant. No, I won't be able to keep up with it.

'Is every dance a romantic dance?'
'Sounds good to me'


Well, there goes the very profound answer of my 8-ball, ain't it cute?

Well, from the way I see it, every dance is, its just a matter of how it's done right?

Dancing isn't about the perfect steps, the right moves or whatever, its about releasing your inner personality through every gesture you can ever make. Man, I can make a book out of this.

Yesterday was my birthday, a lot of dancing was involved, especially when around 12:00 in the morning was coming along. Wait, I feel the sea calling out to me, waah!

Going back, Me and my friends were dancing the night away as we sang a tyrade of tunes straight from the doggies mouth! :p Weheheh, it was one of the best birthdays I will ever have to date.

Wanna know more?

Well, the night before my birthday, we went to Aruba to watch The Bloomfields play. They were the band who played at our Grad Ball and it was one hell of a blast! Me and Macrise drank Margaritas (frozen) and mingled with the crowd, and oh yeah, got kissed by JJ. It was a mere peck okay, not even a peck, it was just the little cheek kiss, in tagalog terms, beso-beso. :P Which, translated into Spanish is really funny, kiss-kiss. Haha, i think its some weird parody for tagalog for kiskis but I don't think the literary scholars have a conspiracy behind everything. Haha. Why did I sound defensive, nah, I wasn't, I just share a lot of kisses, I'm non-conventional and a non-conformist at that, so expect the weird and surprising things from me, ain't it great?

The gig and partying at Aruba really proved so good to me. It was kind of like my initiation into the college world or the independent world that I am about to walk into when I fainally choose my college of choice. Whehehe, now that's another 8-ball question I'd rather leave for GOD to answer.

Wow, I'm straying off topic again,. I'm so good at that.

Well, as I said, yesterday was my birthday, and it seems that my birthday was one of the greatest examples of why dance shouldn't be a perfectionist thing, that it should be one of those things you learn from books, that's my theory on it, but I have nothing against dance schools, I was in one before and let me tell you I got out the moment I came in.

Dancing is a thing tat we pull out from our vary caches of the heart, mind, body and soul. Every simple gesture counts, even the very slightest sway. Romantic slow dances are done simple enough, you hold the person you're dancing with, it depends on the level of relationship or how special that person is to you though, and you just sway, from side to side, and it doesn't matter whether or not you step on his or her toe, or you can boogie like Elvis or Jamiroqui, its all a matter of who you are with and who can hear your song. Dancing can go to the very extremes of movement, that's how its supposed to be. Let it be the one speak for you when you can't shout, or laugh for you when you can't smile or even cry for you when the tears are afraid to fall. Dancing isn't just movement, its a window to what you hide.

So if you want to dance, please do.

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