Saturday, April 29, 2006
Don't Speak

Looks, like I'm trapped sitting down here in front of my PC with Gwen Stefani's glory days as a No Doubt front. Yes, Don't Speak, it's such a great song. People underestimate it with it's rock thrills and spills with the adlibs to the drum solos and hits but I believe there's something beneath it. Look, why don't I just cut the crap and ask my 8-- I mean-- Date Ball, huh?

'Something beneath, do you think there's a slight possibility to keep it there or something just has to let it out?'

'Why not? *heart*'

Hmm, looks like a decent answer from the very mighty ball. I guess its right though: nothing hidden beneath can be kept in for that long, especially the wildest of emotions. If you can keep up with my constant ramblings I think you'll see it fit that I do know what I'm talking about, not jsut because of my experiences in life but also the constant reminders we all get.

It's not safe to hide anything anymore, whatever it may be. I mean, not because poeple are so much of gossip mongers and secret itchy people that you can't hide anything, no, that's not it, its the mere thought and resonance of outer being, simply that.

To hide something pressures our body and mind to have these thing we hide, that isn't worth hiding, to puncture our exterior and let it all out on our sleeves without us knowing. I know, its a sickening reboot program our bodies have but what can we do? It's programmed by someone we barely understand how He works. I guess it's because He knows when to hide something, but He made things so that we can't hide it. The best of life is sometimes found at the worst politically incorrect ones, although, politically incorrect is something made up from the new material world we have.

Okay, this is getting deeper.

Well, the 8-ball is right: Why not? Why not keep things out on your sleeve? Things are meant to be worn outside, yes, even underwear, but that changes the whole Madonna thing though.

Okay, wait...

I lost my train of thought. Geez.

Last thoughts?

Simple: Don't hide anything, especially those exploding bursting feelings. I've learned it the hard way when you do. You just end up going crazy or insane over the thought of you not letting your emotions out and still be hung and caught up with the idea of doubt and regret for not doing so. We only have one life to live, only one chance to go around the merry-go-round, so I don't think we have enough excuses in our lives to be 'unpresidentedly reserved'. It's just not an option.

Kim zzz...8:17 AM

slip into the night...

He Says, She Says

Lights will guide me home... I'm alright... I'll fix you...

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