Friday, March 10, 2006
Free Time, High Time...Bye

Wow, this is it. I'm in a classroom where everyone is anxious to walk that paved cemented floor of the SHS gym and go up that stage to graduate with smiles. Everyone here is all smiles now, but everytime you remind them that they are about to leave the school, everytime a teacher says her goodbyes for her last period every in the SY 2005-2006, everyone lets out agush, 'Aaaaw!' and start getting teary-eyed. Yes my friends, we are about to leave school.

I guess I'm going to miss Holy,everything about it. From it's unpainted walls to it's newly attached ariconditioners, from its dreary and haunted bathrooms to its science labs filled with specimens in a jar, from its hall of horror teachers to the ones that made a difference in your life. Yes, I know, I'm being all too dreary about this, but I guess that's it. That's life. We have to leave, but what I'll miss most of all, is the people. Everyone in school touched and walked away in my life here in school. We are a batch that has been together for as long as we all can remember and by remember we mean our Prep days where all of us were chubby cheeked, short and thick bangs sporting kids who knew nothing but to play. Guess we went a long way, but let's not forget the people who just joined in the ride during our first year in highschool. They also helped make a difference and without them, guess the ride wouldn't be as bumpy smooth as it is. Hey, they're SHSians, they're Sixtreme and they kept on rocking.

Sandali lang,I dond't want this to be a teary-eyed tribune. No. I want to go away and be rememebred as part of the batch, as we were known, as we always were: Sixtreme. The batch that led the SY 2005-2006 into a year of happiness, victories, defeats, tears, laughters and everything else that we did. Call me a hot air balloon for being mayabang, but I guess everyone will agree with me when I say that this batch is one of the best that Holy Spirit has ever held. Proof? Okay. A lot of people are saying, especially the lower batches, 'Pag umalis kayo. Pano na?' Okay, okay, too mayabang for words, but I'll leave it at that.

This batch has made a lot of firsts. Not just in highschool, but in gradeschool too:

1) First batch to not take the NEAT
2) First batch with the airconditioners
3) First batch to ever get the Over-All Champion from Eco Week
4) First batch to ever have the SPOTLIGHT

Okay they're only four, but hey, we won't stop there.

Here's another list.

Things that will mark you as a girl from Pamayanan:

1) you know the pamayanan clap
2) you speak and react like Katdab
3) you associate words with other things for a corny hirit. (ex. Dillema - nangyayari kapag brownout)
4) you have 'boyfriends' inside the classroom
5) you are 'competitive' (kunooo!)
6) you are either in a group whose name is a national hero or a bird
7) you sing corny OPM for a living
8) you rock to the alternative Pinoy Bands to date.
9) you KNOW who Reg De Vera is and agree she's a cutie
10) you look forward to Physics class
11) the BLUE BOOK is your BIBLE
12) lettering? Vero!
13) you are in a band of sorts
14) you always make song parodies for a project. (i.e health projects)
15) you associate cookies with .... (*wink wink*)
16) 'Junnie!' is a constant word in our vocabulary
17) you have at least one recognition from a class work turned competition
18) you sit with whomever at maingay ka pa rin
19) when somebdoy raises a camera in the air, TAKBO!!! PICTURE NA!!
20) you know the gulay dance
21) you record the following words:
of course
for example
hindi ba and the likes
(by the way, record breaking po, March 3, 2006 naka-99 na of course!)

** ayan pa lang nalalagay ko guys! to all Pamayanan peeps! Add naman kayo! Comment lang!!**

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