Monday, February 20, 2006

Oh well, I guess there will be no more need for the Date-Ball. Wait, what am I saying? It's the only decent thing I'm talking to these days. Will I take its advice on this one or not? Let's see.

'Do fairytales come true?'
-translation 'do things I write have even the slightest possibility of coming true?'

'You know it.'

hmm, I guess these things really do know a bit about reality huh?

Well, press time, it's already February 21, 2006 and I know I should have blogged about this the first time I had the chance or the first time things called for it (sorry Penguin, you know my attitude, right? :P) but I didn't because I didn't want to go expose on the moment. Maybe let time and tide take its course on me? Oh well, moving on.

Eversince Saturday, Feb 18, 2006, things have been, well, not so different for me, but maybe it was for my family.

It's the first time I'm having a legal relationship, yes I'm a bad girl but I got that all behind me now, and the shock to my parents just seems to have settled down only now.

I don't know, maybe it's all the things that I've been doing that they haven't really taken notice of any drastic change whatsoever. The only change that did happen was my Friendster status, nothing more, nothing less. Don't get me wrong though, I'm feeling so different now than I have ever did before. I guess this is what you call 'recovering from a coma' kind of thing. I mean, this is going to be something entirely new for me since my family knows about this and I can share things with my mom. Ladies, whatever they say, it's still better to go legal with your parents and your relationships. It's more liberating that way and it makes you feel trusted and happy with life.

I know the feeling already and it's great. No more denying and hiding things, you can be plainly out in the open. I guess, some things change you huh?

Well, I bet you'd wanna know what happen to me that night. It's a secret. Let's jsut put i bluntly, it's something I ahve never experienced before. I never thought being a date to a Penguin woud turn out pretty well.

To be honest, at first I thought that Feb. 18 wouldn't be that night as of yet, but I guess I stand corrected, blindfolded and everything.

Wait, what's the connection of all this that I'm saying to the questioin I asked my Date-Ball? Well, I wrote a little essay before entitled 'True Love Waits' and let's just say that the last few paragraphs proved to be clairvoyant.

Well, guess I should end this entry now.

There's nothing else left to say right now. haha, ayaw ko nga! Mamaya kulitin nanaman ako ni Penuing.

I'm just happy for myself, for and him and for us. For those who aren't happy for us, I guess it's their problem. I didn't do this for them. I didn't do this for anyone. I'm just happy and that's all that should matter.

"Pride makes a person feel bitter about somebody else's happiness. don't let it fool you into thinking otherwise."

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