Sunday, February 12, 2006
Can't shake it...the ball isn't here.

Well.. I guess from the title you'd know Im not home, isn't it?

Well, i'm not. All I'm doing here really is just accompanying my younger brother and sister go online in this net cafe to chat and to do things. Hay, it's so irrelevant. Oh well. I guess this Valentine's Day is going tobe the same, or will it?

People have been giving me hints that this valentine's day will be different. That I'll be spending it with roses and all that other Don Quixote messings. Oh well, but why do I get the feeling that I won't be spending it that way? Will it be any different?

I won't go on a tyrade against Valentine's Vay ang all it's celebrated lovers. All V'll do is go on a tyrade against MY wn love life. Haha, but I won't rant. Just go on a tyrade. :P

Will this time be any different?
How should I know? (imaginary answer)

Hmm, judging from that I guess even the great ball wouldn't know. It's all because maybe that's what I saw that would come out when I shook a ball of air in mid nothing. Maybe it's not just a joke, or maybe iuts not just my imagination but the truth. WHo am I to say that? No one I guess.

Well, I'm not the type to be ranting about my lvoe life anyway. What's to rant about? I'm happy the way my life is and if GOD wants something new for it, then okay. I will accept anything that goes my way. Just not to take anyone away from me, not yet... I won't be able to take that.

Okay, moving one.

Wow, we're almost graduating. I hope I'm one of the people to graduate. I know that thought is kinda scary but even the smartest of the smart think that, with the way everything is flowing here in our school? The short periods the multiple competitions for fourth year students? Wow, it's a surprise we even get by!

I don't have much to say for this entry.

The only reason why Im up here at Pipeline is bacsue I don't want to listen to them talk to the witnesses who brought my late cousin to the hospital when they found him one the pavement dying. No, it's a too devastating thing to hear and even worse to think about. I have an active imagination and I don't want it that way. I don't want to think about him like that. all I want to think about is his happy face when he dances. His smiles when he laughs and his shouts whenever he visits our house... I'l miss that about him. It made me realize though. I never go tot hug him...

I miss him..

Fly high Kuya Dennis and dance the dance of angels and waltz with the spirits of heaven. I love you.

Kim zzz...8:54 PM

slip into the night...

He Says, She Says

Lights will guide me home... I'm alright... I'll fix you...

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