Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Shakey one more to!

Yeah! I finally have my own 8ball wait, no, its a date ball. grr.. oh well, at least i got something to shake!

Well, here's the story.

My dad was feeling extra rich and extra generous that day so he decided to buy me almost anything I wanted. Haha, yeah, spoiled I know.

So my brother rushed to the toy store and the kid inside me had the gut feel to let go of every papaer bag that contained shoes and clothes and ran into Toy Kingdom. Fair enough, I told my dad it was my dreqm to have an 8-ball so he told me to go look for one. I asked one of these sales ladies who passed me on to these sales dudes and fair enough, he led me towards the 8-balls. Maybe heknew it from looking at me but he handed me the pink one, I didn't read it! I just stared at it and said, 'Oh yeah!', but I didn't let the black one slip past me, I wanted that one too, but eversince my cousin, I think I'll lay off of the blacks for a while. :P So I picked up the pink and bought it!

Later did I realize it was a date ball...its okay.,..i needed help in that field anyway. :P

'Will I be doing the right thing?'

'FOrget it...'

Okay...Darn, and I wanted to do it anyway. HAha, oh well, guess I have to wait for that day to come. Haha, then I'll decide. As I said before, the 8-ball or Date-ball, in thbis case, won't rule over me, I'll just let it guide me and send shivers of kilig down my spine. Haha, bad usage of words I know, but I love it. ^_^

Guess I'll be flying solo for a hile...

I know I'll regret my decision sooner or later but that's what I have to do to make myself and everything else right. Even at the expense of myself and everything else.. Haha, I know GOD won't let me down to things... He knows me and everything I do...

I just want to thank GOD for every oppurtunity He's given me and I hope I'm reading all the signs right.

And before I forget, of course, Kuya Dennis is also watching me from where he is right now. I still can't accept the fact that he's gone for sometimes I still look for him but I already know that he'll be happy wherever he is and dancing the dance of kings. Good luck to my kuya. Actually, now, its God Bless...

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