Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Shake Twice for Luck?

Guess I can't totally decide on what to do with this thing now.

Wait, Question first...

Question No.2:
"Do you think listening to these kind of music will help soothe me?'

"Who know? Maybe it will, maybe it won't?"

Okay, that confused me.

Well, for a little update on my lfe, I still haven't gotten around to knowing what to do with my life, particularly, my present life. I'm happy enough I passed a university already, but the things that I'm in need of right now is just not reachable.

I'm listening to this Hale song, GOD I haven't listened to this CD for a while, it's Here Tonight and I'm not sure who sang it. I'm not that die hard of a fan, I like a little mystery. Yeah, that saved my skin.

I like it. It makes me feel needy. I don't know, but feeling needy sometimes just keeps me on my toes, it keeps me to feel so much more emotions that I never could while I was alright. While I was just playing around. Somehow, making me feel needy like this helps me be more me, because that's me, I'm needy. The line 'I need you here tonight' and the lines that come after it pulls me out of this body that I hid myself in. Yes, I know, I am a very confident person and I can't blame anyone who sees that in me because that's who I am, but even the best can be the worst.

Maybe I suffer from the feeling of just wanting to be loved. Yes, I am lvoed by the people who surround me and I'm plainly happy for that, but what I mean is, well, I just need to feel in need. Haha, it helps me in my writing. Maybe they were right, music can really soothe the soul. It soothes mine by making it feel uneasy. I love being a hopeless romantic.

I love the feeling of a good chase and a good love story written with all the right words in place and intact, wait, did I spell that one right?

I never really realized up until now that Filipino Alternative Rock Music can help you in the things you want to emotionally achieve in such small ways and in such little time, like, give or take, what, 5 mins? Exactly.

The things that may sound and seem so corny to other people may not be so when you just sit down and listen to it, especially the ones with pure authentic tagalog music, but things from trying hard bands and those filipino female 'artistas' who double up to singing irritates me to the core. I just hate them.

Filipino bands often fronted by male singers like Bamboo, Rivermaya, Sugarfree and Hale to name a few, can somehow bring me to just listen to them and it's not the typical I like the way you look like feeling. It's the song writing that brings me to i. If you really listen to it and buy the original CD of any band, you'll realize the lyrics are really so poetic only masked behind the contemporary feel of the instruments, the ryhthm and the beats. Human emotions are played within and by these lyrics, its something subliminal to a lighter point of view.

Wait, I don't know what I'm doing here. I think I'm plugging in for Pinoy music, but I'm not. I'm plugging in for good music. Music that will really be there and speak to you on those lonely nights, not like the dirty raps that some are getting accustomed to. Rap is good, but only on a clubbing scale. Sad to say, some filipinos try so hard to cling on to the rap genre and fail miserably. Sorry guys, you 're just not street enough. Sad isn't it? Originality all gone.

What is it there left to say but my emotions running wild on me. My thoughts are on a killing spree. Musicality is not just a skill, it's a gift because if you can only poroduce the musicality to produce money and not the musicality to produce the proudcts of the soul, then what use is your musicality?

I'll leave you with that lingering thought, it's all in you now and whatever you plan to do with it and however you plan to deal with it is all up to you. Now take sides, which part of musicality you'd rather be in? Musicality of the heart and soul or musicality of the wordly life?

I think this time I'm pretty sure of what I'm looking for and wanting to do, but I'm not that much of an instrumentalist, I write my songs, I have my own harmony but never my own tune.

Maybe it's a cure to what I lost or maybe its a key to what I'll find. All that matters to me now is the eternal wanting of nothing more but to find the right musicality and the right pitch to bring my soul out to where it's supposed to be, but right now, I'll never really know.

Listen. To. Your. Soul

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