Friday, December 30, 2005
First Shake At It

It looks like I have a new blog going on. Jeez, will I keep this one as updated?

Well, I named my blog after a cue ball 'coz I've been so crazy to have one just for the heck of it and I don't have it, I don't know why. Maybe its the weather, yeah, blame everything on the weather.

I don't know but Cue Balls fascinate me, especially the pink ones, basically just for the color purposes.

Cue Balls are like man made destiny holders and makers and shapers and any other -ers. Haha, we follow them unconciously (SP?) even if we do say its for fun. Maybe that's why I want to have a Cue Ball. Oh well.

By the way, I'm using an imaginary Cue Ball and I'm basing it on what other people say. Haha, nice Cue Ball.

I'll update this as soon as I can see something. Wait, I'm seeing something...

Question No. 1:
Does the guy at FIC have a crush on me?
Cue Ball:
Most Probably

Nikki has been so paranoid about this person over at FIC, just because he gives me more Ice Cream than anyone else with us when I asked for a double scoop.

I asked Tricco, he said, 'That's a guy's unconcsious way of flirting and saying I have a crush on you."

I answered him, "And so your point is?"

I don't know why people get to it with much anticipation to hear the latest one, is hard to have friends nowadays?

Well, tomorrow, we're going to play badminton over at DASC with Inez, Ate Shayne, Nikki and Tricco. The other companion is still under check kung sino. :P

Well, This is a very shallow entry, good luck to all. :P

Kim zzz...9:33 PM

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